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November Mood Board - Apricot & Spiced Chai

Welcome, November. We're headed into the last two months of the year (can you believe it ?!), so we're giving you a fresh spin on two of our favorite colors of 2018. It seems shades of orange always overtake the fall months, and while I always love the warm tones as the temperatures drop, it's even more fun to pair them in new ways.

For the last few years, blush has taken over the wedding industry, as well as in fashion and interior design. So, how can we breathe some fresh life into this overly feminine color? By pairing a gentle pastel shade with a much deeper color you can create a fresh combination. This November mood board combines our November staple: a burnt orange shade we're calling spiced chai, with a soft blush tone for an overall balanced, mod look.

Our favorite piece of advice to make this color scheme work - whether you are putting together a wedding, or your outfit for Sunday afternoon - combine textures for maximum interest. Within our mood board, we are combining rock formations, velvet pillow cases, wooden accents, and soft petals to create a cohesive look. You can do the same thing when combining your style, especially while the weather changes.

Photography credit: Rock formations | Dining area | Bouquet | Bedding

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