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How to Ensure Planning Your Wedding "Sparks Joy"

"Sparking joy," we've sure heard a lot of that over the last few we weeks, haven't we? When it comes to feeling joyful and excited, without any anxiousness, your wedding plans may not always give you those vibes. While, I can't promise that you'll be in love with every moment of planning, I am offering you six tips for helping to manage all the tasks in a way that will allow for many more sparks of joy along the way.

Identify the parts of planning you're truly excited for.

When you think about the parts of planning your wedding that make you really excited, what tasks do you picture? Are you excited to design your wedding invitation with a customized map of Seattle? Maybe, you and your partner are counting down until the cake tasting (hi, please let me be your third wheel. I love cake). Whatever you're looking forward to, ensure you're dedicating enough time to handle it the way you want to. Tell your wedding party, your parents, your partner, whoever you want to be there, and communicate to them that this activity is important to you and you want to make that day special. Then, pop some champagne and live up planning an amazing aspect of your wedding!

Stay organized throughout the process.

Nothing will zap your joy faster than discovering tasks you've overlooked or procrastinated on. Our couples receive a personalized task planner for us and for them, and we stay accountable throughout your engagement. There are good reasons why we suggest you order your wardrobe with plenty of time to spare. While we totally understand life gets in the way sometimes, we stay organized (and encourage you to be too!) to prevent tiny hiccups from turning into major roadblocks further down the planning process.

Outsource tasks that weigh you down.

I won't even try to sugarcoat it - there are some parts of wedding planning that won't be fun. It's ok to not be in love with every part of planning, but that doesn't mean pushing it off will make it any easier when the time comes. Take a long look at your to-do list and figure out if any of those pieces you're less than excited for can be outsourced and completed by someone else. Is it worth investing in a calligrapher to address your invitations instead of spending days doing it yourself? It is if it's going to drive you insane doing it. Did you know we include envelope stuffing and mailing services for our full planning clients? Hint, hint. Can your BFF run a couple of those errands for you? Gift them a bottle wine and a thoughtful note and check off your task list.

Spice up the parts you aren't excited about.

Wedding planning isn't always something every bride and groom has dreamt about doing their whole lives, and that's normal. By adding personal touches, even ones that only you know are there, you might make it more enjoyable or find it easier to make big decisions. Choosing florals for the first time can be intimidating when you don't have that experience, but if you add in some flowers that match your tattoo, or pay homage to your mom's bridal bouquet, it could become something you look forward to seeing on your wedding day.

Hire a wedding day coordinator.

Correction: Hire a wedding day coordinator that you trust. Your wedding day should be one of the greatest joy sparkers you'll ever feel, and it deserves to be kept sacred. By trying to take on the production and execution of your wedding day yourself, or by placing that responsibility on your close family and friends, you will suck the joy right out of it. Allow a professional to oversee set up, create a cohesive timeline for all of your vendors, and handle all the last minute communication while you relax, glass of champagne in-hand.

Take a time out.

You have a career, your family, your friends, and oh yeah, you're fiance(e) and all of those people and responsibilities don't go away because you've decided to plan your wedding. We know how easily wedding planning can begin to absorb allllllll the free time you have, but don't forget to step away. Not only will taking a break help recharge you creatively, so you can remain passionate about this life-altering event you're planning, but taking a break is also important because #selfcare. Grab that face mask, go get a pedicure with your friend (and agree to no wedding talk!) and enjoy a few moments of relaxation.

There's no perfect recipe for a stress-free wedding, but hopefully, with a few tips in mind and a supportive group behind you, you'll create a memorable and joyful engagement. Along the way, keep us in mind for your wedding day coordinator. We'd love to help execute your joy-sparking day. For those of you in the Pacific Northwest with a 2019 wedding date, we have a special discount available to you so send us a message; we look forward to tasting cake with you soon.

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