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How to Personalize Your Wedding

Updated: Jul 15, 2018

Here at 7th & C, we pride ourselves on creating meaningful events, but what exactly does that mean? We believe a meaningful wedding is one that reflects you; your culture, your history, your future, traditions that are near and dear to your heart, and your love story thus far can all culminate into beautiful details that touch you and your guests throughout your wedding day.

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Meaningful weddings incorporate personal traditions. If wearing a cathedral-length veil isn't something you've ever pictured yourself wearing, it's ok to skip it! (We promise you'll still look like a bride without it). Instead of trying to fit the mold - break it, and create a new one. Read that quirky poem your fiance wrote you on your first anniversary during your vows, let your hair color be your something blue, and absolutely wear whatever makes you feel beautiful. We hope you look back on your wedding day in ten years and LOVE the way you felt. Whether that is like a rock star or a fairytale princess - let's make it happen.

Close your eyes, and imagine your big day. Don't think about the cake flavor, or whether you chose dahlias or peonies, but instead focus on the vibe. Are you dreaming of the ultimate festival-inspired reception or the sweetest little chapel ceremony you've ever seen? Don't feel obligated to a traditional setting if that doesn't represent you and your fiance, or your guests. Instead, let's build a day around the atmosphere you envision. Your day can be as aesthetically-pleasing as it is unique. We will work with you to create a comprehensive design plan that represents those special and traditional aspects alongside color palettes and textural elements.

Let's work together to create a meaningful event that feels personal and special to you, and we promise your guests will love it too. Allow us to design a wedding that represents your love story and your life, in exactly the way you desire.

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