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Sayonara, Japan

In September of 2015, I moved away from sunny San Diego to follow my husband and join him in Japan. I had just launched my own wedding planning business and had a growing client base I wasn't sure I could leave. Neither my husband nor I had any idea of what to expect, but I was filled to the brim with stress and excitement; two feelings that are nearly identical to what I am experiencing now as we prepare to leave three years later.

Japan has given us the opportunity to travel through Asia and we've not only enjoyed exploring Japan, but China and Indonesia as well. Growing up in my small town of 800 people, I never dreamed I'd actually get to visit any of these places. We've learned so many lessons about how to be respectful stewards, and how to adapt to new environments that I know both of us will always be grateful for. While we may have missed Target and being closer to so many friends and family, I know that I will equally miss Japanese culture, cuisine, and our extended family we have made during our time here.

So much of my time here has been spent looking around in wonder, whether it's been in the bustle of Tokyo, in a traditional tea ceremony, or in the middle of the magnificent landscapes here. Sometimes, I've been in wonder inside my favorite convenience stores while stocking up on my favorite snacks and candy. Seriously, if you've never been inside a Japanese 7/11, you don't know convenience.

Seventh & Central has blossomed in ways I never expected in Japan, and we were able to build some truly incredible events and work with some of the most amazing clients and fellow vendors. We've also found some incredible inspiration here and I look forward to incorporating some Japanese style into future designs. Moving forward, I know that the Seattle area will bring even more new and exciting opportunities and relationships and we cannot wait to open that door this fall. We look forward to this next chapter for us, and we hope you are too.



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Seattle wedding planner Jordan Merlino,owner of Seventh and Central leaves Japan for Seattle

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