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Wedding Guest Style Guide

So, you got invited to a wedding. Now comes the day when you try on every dress in your closet trying to piece something formal enough together before giving up all together and heading to Nordie's. Most wedding invitations don't list the specific dress code unless it calls for black tie, so where do you start? Here are a few of my tips for looking your best at any wedding, from a woman that's attended 100+ weddings.

Do not wear white.

Don't wear white, beige, ivory, cream, blush, powder blue, or any shade that could be misconstrued as white in any lighting. No matter how much weddings have evolved in the last 50+ years, this remains the cardinal rule for wedding guests. Unfortunately, it apparently still needs to be repeated. This is the bride's day and her white ensemble probably cost a lot more than yours did, so please, let her have this moment. Go ahead and take any other shade of the rainbow.

Seattle Wedding Planner, Seventh and Central, shares wedding guest style guide for Seattle brides and Seattle weddings

Take a cue from the invitation.

Does the ceremony take place at one of the many state and national parks in Washington? Choose comfortable sandals and a maxi dress over stilettos and a full skirt easily taken by the wind. Will the couple say their vows inside a Catholic church in downtown Seattle before the dance party reception? Grab a shawl or beaded cardigan to stay modest inside the house of worship and then you can lose it before hitting the dance floor.

Say no to shorts.

This one goes for men and women. Even if you know this will be a casual wedding there are so many more options for you. Guys, opt for a pair of lightweight khakis with a linen shirt for a classic look that still feels casual. Ladies, swap out the shorts for a sweet sundress and sandals. Another trend that I love for guests as well as bridesmaids is jumpsuits. They are just as easy as a dress, and are just so comfortable. I love the jumpsuits available from Lulus! No, that's not an ad, I just actually love their clothing. But also, if you're down to collab, call me, Lulus.

Be comfortable.

I cannot stress this one enough. Weddings often get started late-afternoon and wrap up well after dark with a couple photographers snapping candids, an open buffet, and a few glasses of wine, it's easy to see why it's so important to wear something that makes you feel confident. If you aren't comfortable in a dress, get yourself a killer tailored pantsuit or jumpsuit. If you're the life of the dance floor, wear your favorite pair or flats instead of pushing yourself to wear heels.

You don't need to give up your personal style for the sake of someone else's wedding day, and in case you need any more inspiration, we've put together a Pinterest board to further inspire you. Where is your favorite place to shop for formal wear?

Comment below with a link; whether it's online or a local Seattle boutique, I am always looking for new places to feed my retail therapy.

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